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Lead Generation for Swimming Pool Contractors

Marketing Objective:

Support channel marketing by connecting prospective in-ground swimming pool buyers with local pool contractors.

Personal Touch:

MMG supported the referral network and sales lead stream for a swimming pool manufacturer by channeling leads into both sides of the pipeline – consumer requests for referrals and contractors to fulfill those requests by delivering the following services:

  • Outbound call campaign to pool contractors (both cold calls and calling former users of the service) offering promotion of a free confirmed referral and the opportunity to speak with a sales rep if interested in more information about joining the referral network.
  • Interested prospects were transferred live to the sales team for immediate opportunity for a successful lead.  If live transfer not possible, leads were handed over via email.
  • For prospective pool customers, MMG called prospects 15 days, 30 days and 60 days after receiving a request for swimming pool estimate to ensure contractor followed up and determine if a need exists for another contractor referral.
  • During peak volume, MMG called all new requests for contractor referral to verify project specs and contact information, generating a confirmed pool quote request for the network.

Business Impact:

  • In total, 3,790 prospective new pool buyers were contacted over a two month period.  713 requests for quotes (19% of the records were placed in follow-up)
  • Of a universe of 6,895 contractors, MMG called approximately 70% and added 747 contractors to the free referral program – These contractors accepted the free referral, and a majority indicated that they would join the network.