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Surgery Center Prospect Data Base Development for a Medical Gas Company

Marketing Objective:

Construct a prospect database of surgery center prospects and penetrate existing group purchasing organization memberships.  Identify immediate opportunities for sales.

 Personal Touch:

  • MMG associates placed outbound calls to surgery centers nationwide to identify decision- makers and collect information about the surgery center to help qualify the opportunities.
  • When able to speak directly with a decision-maker, MMG took conversation further to create interest in meeting with a sales representative.
  • Gathered email addresses of prospects.
  • Designed and executed an email campaign to decision-makers promoting the company’s reputation along with a special offer.
  • Leads were sent to the assigned representatives on a daily basis.
  • A file of qualified prospects was provided to the client upon completion of campaign.

  Business Impact:

  • 1,697 of 6,045 surgery centers were qualified and ready for further prospecting.
  • MMG identified 47 prospects with a need and interest in meeting with a sales representative.
  • A total of 809 surgery centers agreed to some sort of communication or follow-up in the future.