QuikTurn Live Lead Handling

Quikturn by MMG makes capturing leads quik. Contact us today to give it a try!
Are slow response times and internal bottlenecks bogging down your lead generation? Prospective buyers fill out 3-5 online forms for information, and contacting them more than 5 minutes after submittal results in a 46% lower qualification rate than calling in less than 5 minutes.1 “Getting em’ while they are hot” is critical to getting the most from your investment in lead generation. Adding to the challenge, leads from online sources are often held up in over-crowded inboxes or require too much time to separate the “junk” from the serious leads. In spite of their best intentions, specially assigned resources responsible for screening and qualifying the contact forms sometimes lack the right tools to organize and efficiently respond to each prospect; allowing qualified opportunities to slip through the cracks or go cold. At MMG, leads are our business. We know how precious every lead is and that you cannot afford to squander even one. That is why we are excited to offer QuikTurn- a lead management solution that will turn those “suspects” into valuable prospects at lightning speed.

QuikTurn features:

  • Real-time follow-up
  • Flexibility to respond via phone, voice message or email
  • Automatic lead routing to highly trained agents
  • Comprehensive reporting to track response rate, conversion rate, cost per lead and cost per conversion

Turn Up Your Lead Generation Results With QuikTurn

  • Prospects fill out your web form (register for white paper, request quote, sign up for free trial, etc.)
  • Information collected in the form is sent to MMG’s QuikTurn Platform and enters MMG’s queue as the next record to call. (Various rules can be applied to determine the order in which leads are called)
  • Call takes place immediately and appropriate follow-up activity is executed (e.g., email, appointment confirmation, live transfer)
  • Options are available for passing the completed record back to your contact management system

QuikTurn Information Flow

  • QuikTurn integrates easily with your website and organization
  • Collaboration with your IT department ensures efficient exchange of data via HTTP Post or XML Push

QuikTurn Includes

  • Script development
  • Program management
  • Data collection (contact information, email address, qualifying information and notes from call)
  • Call recordings for quality assurance
  • Regularly scheduled program reviews

Tailor Your Program

  • Integrated inbound lead triage and call handling
  • Collateral fulfillment
  • Ongoing nurture program designed to your needs
  • Custom locator for robust location / sales rep matching

Give Quikturn a Quik try! Contact us today.

Quikturn makes capturing leads quik.

1James Oldroyd, PhD. (2007). How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold? Sloan School of Management, MIT.