MMG Helps Sales Teams Maintain a Lead Pipeline

February 9, 2014

MMG has helped companies like Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) maintain a steady stream of prospects to fill their pipeline.  ERA came to MMG seeking assistance in administering their continual lead generation campaign, so their director could have more time to close sales and service clients.  Each month, MMG researches businesses to see who qualifies for ERA’s overhead reduction services and calls to confirm the CEO and CFO of each prospective company.  The management of prospects throughout ERA is controlled through a firm-wide database, so MMG works closely with them to secure lead ownership.  The next phase involves a direct mail campaign to both the CEO and CFO for which MMG coordinates and fulfills 3D promotional items and personalized letters.  The prospects are then handed over to ERA for follow-up sales activity.  The program has been running for 8 months and has generated over 100 qualified leads and numerous sales.  If you are interested in MMG managing a similar campaign for your sales pipeline, please contact us today.

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