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Our programs achieve results because we are marketers with extensive experience and expertise.  We add the personal touch at the program level based on an understanding of your goals at a strategic level.  We care not only about production calling metrics, but also about quality.  Due to a proven approach to associate selection, onboarding and ongoing training programs our employee turnover is low. All aspects of our operation, from our people and training to our project management and systems, are designed to add the personal touch to your marketing campaigns; enhancing your brand and delivering a lasting and positive experience to your critical audiences.

Our People and Training

Our people are seasoned business professionals. Our success in serving our clients is a direct result of the quality and skill of our associates. Our approach is simple … we recruit talented people, provide them with the tools they need to be successful, and continuously develop them to cultivate their talents. Associate development begins with initial program training and continues throughout each and every program we execute. Our clients receive continuous feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. MMG works closely with its clients to refine our approach on the phone and supporting integrated direct marketing operational processes

Project Management

MMG’s project managers are critical to the successful implementation and operation of the programs we execute on behalf of our clients. Responsibilities of the project manager include:

  • Leading internal reviews and working sessions to review project progress
  • Communicating and coordinating activities among project participants
  • Reviewing script requirements and provide refinements. Review updates
    with all team members
  • Developing and executing action plans addressing improvement initiatives
  • Driving associate quality improvement
  • Continuous refinement and improvement of call guide
  • Continuous learning around our clients’ products and services

Contact Management and Fulfillment Systems

  • MMG uses sophisticated CRM & dialer technology to manage calling, data capture and reporting. MMG is able to respond to leads faster, provide clients with the lead information in real time and track leads through the system allowing us to see what’s happening with the leads at each stage through the process.  The system features flexible disposition statuses to reflect your exact needs and enables our associates to capture call history and key verbatim comments with every customer and prospect contact. Reports and file extracts are easily generated by the system and sent to the client on a prescribed schedule, or as requested.
  • MMG’s inventory management and order processing system easily accepts order files and integrates with online shopping carts. It provides inventory and order reports upon request and adds the personal touch by sending email notifications and tracking numbers throughout the fulfillment process.