What sort of ROI might I get on a lead generation campaign?

Several ingredients go into baking a successful lead generation campaign but when the recipe is right, the ROI is quite pleasing to the pallet. One recent campaign for our industrial gas client resulted in $21,000 in sales and $100,000 in the pipeline. The campaign consisted of a strong product and special offer targeted to potential users of dry ice. MMG’s staff was trained to understand the various uses of dry ice and then we developed an approach to identify potential buyers and engage them in conversation over the phone. Resulting interested prospects were forwarded to the sales force for follow up. Having a special offer and a well defined product and target market were key to this campaign’s success. However, we learn something with every campaign. In this case, we’re able to analyze the results and trace them back to particular business demographics to further refine our client’s target audience. The next campaign might be to a smaller more targeted audience but should yield an even better ROI.